The League of Surgical Educators will:

  1. Develop new and improved ways of teaching surgery, utilizing new and emerging technologies to develop new instructional tools, and responding effectively to changes in the way that physicians are educated.
  2. Assist members to conduct educational scholarship and research, assisting them to find others with expertise in study design and methodology, both quantitative and qualitative. This will involve working with other scholars outside of our own silo, and leveraging existing collaborative relationships both within and outside the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. We will also partner with surgical educators at other Universities across Canada and around the world.
  3. Provide members with a network of local surgical educators which will meet regularly to discuss ideas, apply shared experience to solve educational problems and keep up to date with recent developments in the field. We will also facilitate the development of national and international connections by inviting surgical educators from other centres to present work at our meetings. We will meet in person 6 times a year and post additional information to this site.
  4. Increase the visibility of our work in the field of surgical education, with increased presentations at national and international meetings, increased publications in high-impact journals and an increased number of successful grant applications. We will also increase the national and international profile of our Department.
  5. Encourage and assist residents and graduate students to undertake research projects in education, and to pursue Masters Degrees in Education.
  6. Run a Surgical Education Summer Student program.
  7. Provide mentorship, peer support and peer observation of teaching for those developing their careers in surgical education, and provide advice and assistance on presentation and publication.
  8. Make our members more aware of teaching awards available, and increase their chances of success in earning awards.
  9. Deliver Grand Rounds in Surgical Education once per year.
  10. Arrange visits from other surgical educators around the world
  11. Facilitate visits to other surgical education centres around the world.

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