About Us

The League of Surgical Educators is dedicated to innovation and research in surgical education at the University of Alberta.

Our mission is to apply inquiry, innovation and research in surgical education to improve the way that surgery is taught and learned. Our vision is to become a national centre for innovation and research in surgical education.

We will achieve this vision by:

  1. increasing the number of our members engaged in surgical education scholarship and research in collaboration with other Departments, Faculties and Universities.
  2. increasing the number of residents and graduate students doing education research projects and higher degrees in the field of surgical education.
  3. increasing our number of presentations, publications and grants in the field of surgical education.
  4. increasing the proportion of our members possessing a higher degree in education.


Our long-term goal is to develop new ways of teaching surgery, to improve the quality of our graduates and ultimately to enhance the standard of the care we provide to our patients. The context in which we will operate is one of increased expectations of patients, learners and regulatory authorities, in which we will need to train the surgeons of the future more efficiently while maintaining patient safety.

This initiative will bring together Department members interested in surgical education to enable the exchange of innovative educational ideas, sharing of information on teaching and learning, and the provision of support for the development of scholarship and research projects. This work will enable us to gain a better understanding how and why we teach, to make beneficial changes to our teaching and to evaluate the effects of changes that we make. In the same way that ‘Surgery 101’ has enabled surgeons in Edmonton to disseminate their expertise on an international stage, this enterprise will allow our members to break out of their current silos, and to develop and disseminate their interest and expertise in surgical education.

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